Yesterday evening I went to Spa World. It’s an onsen come spa type place. Provided you don’t mind wandering around naked it’s quite fun to visit (note, men and women have different floors). Obviously I wasn’t able to take any pictures but it was kind of like this:

It has a number of areas with different types of baths. There were also a couple of sauna (medium and high heat) and also a salt sauna where you rub salt all over your body before starting the sauna. I didn’t try the last one (maybe next time). There was also a relaxation lounge with reclining where you can chill out and watch TV, read or (as quite a few people seemed to be doing) go to sleep. There’s also a family/kids swimming pool on the top floor (again, I didn’t try that).

I’m thinking of going on Christmas Day in the morning. Nothing says Christmas more than a big bath with lots of naked men.