I have written about Okonomiyaki before but that was the Hiroshima version. When Mum was visiting we had Osaka style Okonomiyaki a couple of times. I think it was Mum’s preferred version of the dish. My preference is for Hiroshima style.

The key difference is that with Hiroshima style the different ingredients are added in layers: cabbage with batter; bean sprouts; bacon; noodles. With Osaka style everything is pretty much mixed up together. Noodles are not always included and are usually added as an extra layer. Normally you go to an Okonomiyaki restaurant with a hot plate on/in the table and the dish is cooked before you. In Osaka they normally mix the ingredients at the table. You can see that happening in this picture along with an already mixed portion cooking away.

Once cooked on one side the mixture is then flipped. You can see this in the following photo. My order is one the right. You can see that this includes noodles (just about).

Before serving toppings might be added. Toppings are more common in Hiroshima style. I’ve generally found that any extras are usually just added to “the mix” in Osaka style. They are always topped with Okonomiyaki sauce. This is kind of like a mild version of brown sauce in the UK. It is spread on with what looks like a large paint brush. Then copious amounts of mayonnaise is added too.

You eat it directly from the hotplate. Watching and waiting for it to cook builds up an appetite. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the final product as we both started eating as soon as it was ready.