The next morning I had a rather large English Breakfast in preparation for the calories I’d need for the day’s walking. The previous night my feet and legs had been pretty sore but they didn’t feel to bad by the morning. Once I got back on the trail they started to feel a lot better. Retracing my steps back to the Sandstone Trail took a bit of time but once there it was back to the routine. Crossing fields I could see both Beeston and Peckforton Castles on neighbouring hills.

You can visit Beeston Castle (I didn’t have time) but it is a bit of a ruin. Peckforton Castle is a posh hotel-come-spa type place. Perhaps I could have rested my weary feet there?

Beeston Castle is about half way along the Sandstone Trail. I had got there by about 10am. This made me quite confident of finishing in time to get a reasonably timed train at Whitchurch. There was a small cafe at Beeston Castle so I stopped for a much needed cup of tea.

The rather picturesque Castlegate Farm just outside Beeston Castle.