A while back I went for a day out to Wakayama. Wakayama is the prefecture below Osaka prefecture. Wakayama City is the capital. The Nankai railway connects it to Osaka. This is the same railway that I use to go to central Osaka so getting to Wakayama City is easy.

One thing I wanted to see was the Art Gallery. Only a small exhibition was open. The other rooms were being prepared for future shows. Some interesting work was on show including a Rothko and prints by Picasso. The exhibition was small and it didn’t take long to view

The other interesting thing in Wakayama is the castle.

It looks like a lot of other Japanese castles. It has also been rebuilt. Not as impressive as Hemji Castle but worth a visit. Inside there are interesting historical artifacts. The castle gardens are a public park. They include a covered bridge.

The cover provides privacy to the people using the bridge. This is not a major issue these days but must have been important when the castle was in use. This is what the inside looks like.

The gardens also included this nice pagoda.

This took up my morning. In the afternoon I visited the Wakayama Electric Railway. I’ll write about that in a future post. It features a very special cat…