In January I climbed Mount Kongo while there was still some snow on top. It would be my third time up. I enjoy climbing Mount Kongo and do so every once in a while. It was cold so I came will prepared with lots of clothes. In the end I didn’t need most of them because once you start hiking up you warm up. Along the way I met a few hikers who said hello. A couple of them were keen to check whether I had spikes for the snow near the top. I didn’t but kept quiet. Japanese hikers are very conservative and can carry a lot of equipment. At the top snow was only just starting to fall. A little slippery sometimes but nothing worse than walking down the road after a brief flurry of snow. In fact, the worst parts were the concrete roads. The flat surface made the ground more slippery. I had some hot soba noodles at the top to warm up. Several people were wandering around the cafe in spikes, no doubt, damaging the floor. It was a nice day out.