One of things I’ve been doing while in Japan is learning some new Japanese recipes. The produce available in Supermarkets, particularly when it comes to veg, is somewhat different from the UK. Also, there are some things that are very cheap (for example, Soba noodles). This is a recipe I use for Tororo Soba although I suspect that I’m making something only slightly related.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo’s. My camera struggles to take close up photo’s.

Nagaimo is a type of potato that you grate into a a mushy mess.


I add a little soy sauce to make the following mess.

There is a Tofu shop about 20 minutes walk from my apartment. I quite like wandering over there. To go with my Soba I get these deep fried triangles of tofu (they have been chilled after cooking). You boil them to heat them up and make them a bit softer. I use 1 in this recipe.

I also add some chopped spring onions.

The Soba noodles are fresh and only require a quick boil.

The Soba are boiled and mixed in with the nagaimo mixture and the green onions. The tofu is placed on top and an egg cracked over the top. You mixed the egg a bit with your chopsticks and the Soba noodles cook the egg.