Cerezo’s home record going into this game was: W 1 D 1 L 3 GF 2 GA 4. Not the greatest but the losses were all quite tight in terms of scoreline. Cerezo are generally good at defending; just not very good at banging them in at the other end.

Well they reversed that trend in this game wolloping Yokohama F-Marinos 3-0. A nice change given some of the dire football that I had been subjected to previously.

At half time these “dancing girls” came out to give a performance. At the end they gave another performance. The dance involves a number of hand movements that the fans also join in with (not me though).

It is traditional for the players to wander around the running track and bow to the 4 stands after the match (win, lose or draw). The dancing girls joined them in front of the home end. Atomu Tanaka attempted to mingle in with his dyed pink hair.