I went on a trip to Kyoto to see a number of sights recommended to me by staff and students. Kyoto is quite close to Osaka (about an hour away) so it was quite an easy trip to make.

First on the agenda was Kinkaku-ji Temple which is this renowned golden pavilion. It really is quite a sight and is very popular. I left the house especially early to make sure I got there shortly after it opened. Even then it was very busy. The site itself is quite small given how popular it is and compared to some of the other temple sites.

Next up I got the bus/train across town to go to Nanzen-ji temple but before I got there I came across the smaller (and quieter Konchi-in Temple) It had a very nice Zen garden and not many people were around making for a nice sit (and rest of the legs).

Nanzen-ji is actually part of a larger complex of temples. One of which, Tenjuan, has a nice garden and pond. I could see the early onset of autumn.

Finally I went on to Nanzen-ji. Nanzen-ji is a larger temple and you can take your shoes off and have a wander around. This is the view of the Zen garden there,

After this I wandered up the Philospher’s Path up to Ginkaku-ji Temple (the silver temple to the golden temple before). It’s all of a similar size to Kinkaku-ji and while the golden pavilion looks nicer I thought the gardens of Ginkaku-ji were a little better. You can’t actually go in either of the temples.

This is the garden (or part of it) of Ginkaku-ji.

Finally this is the temple peering out from behind a tree.

There’s plenty more to see in Kyoto and not just temples. I’ll have to visit again to take it all in.