I did the Sandstone Trail north to south starting at Frodsham. The starting point is a sandstone obelisk outside a pub. Sadly it was about 10am so the pub wasn’t open. Things not being open was a common experience on the trail.

It is called the Sandstone Trail as it mainly follows a sandstone ridge that crosses Cheshire. At some points the sandstone is very visible; at others less so. Obviously, sandstone buildings are a common feature along the route. The trail immediately starts going uphill towards the war memorial on Overton Hill.

The weather on the first day was fantastic and the view from all of the hills along the route was good. From Overton Hill you can see out across the Mersey. On the far right you can see Fiddlers Ferry power station. We had an exciting visit there when I was in junior school. Chemical factories are a common feature of this area. If you go to places like Widnes you can smell the chemicals. Less so from up here.